Kizo dessert house SU Skatter test

Hi all,

here’s a “quick” test using the basic grass presets. I did alter the standard grass material as i wasnt happy with the translucency. This scene is a port from obj to blender to su?!?!! yes i know a bit awkward, im not done with it but wanted to give skatter a go in a nice looking scene.

The foliage combination is also not really as you would see in reallife, atleast not the daisy’s in a dessert;)

Wanted to have that nice warm glow when the sun hits the horizon. Rendered with Thea4SU

Very nice!

I’d love to see your tweaked settings for the materials.

Here are the example i did quick, i think i need to take more blue out of the green in the RGB channels. Main problem was the the translucency, it had the same textures. This cause the material to be very translucent and not looking really realistic

Can I see your settings?

Here’s a link with the adjusted models and the materials in a separate folder. I think the i need to either edit the materials or the textures and take out more blue. I did a quick test of that in photoshop and the grass looks even better then. I didnt find the time yet to do that. These files are like the examples i showed you above