Large file size issue

I just started to play around with Transmutr and initially was very excited that I can import fbx files into SKP. At first I ran into missing geometry issues but your hot fix took care of that problem. However, now I’m running into a strange one. My original 3ds MAX file size was 45mb. Once I transmutted, the file grew to 1gb. Not sure why this is happening, but once I transmut I can’t open the skp file. Thoughts?

The SketchUp file format produces very large files. This is not limited to files create via Transmutr.
If you intend to use these assets in rendering, I suggest you export them as proxies, this should produce much smaller files.

So convert my whole scene into proxies?

Can you send me the 3dsmax file to [email protected] ?
By seeing the scene I may be able to help more efficiently.

Hey Thomas,

Be on the look out for an email containing the model. I forgot to include your name.



I was just going to start a new thread but then I saw this post. This is the thing that kills me about SketchUp.

39MB FBX file with 15MB of Textures and the SKP is over 400MB. How? Why? This is insanity!!!

I don’t know the specifics (.skp is a proprietary format), but they way it stores data seems to be very different from most other formats. It feels inefficient, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. We use the SketchUp C API made by Trimble, to generate the .skp files.

@vjaramillo, did you get my email asking for a 3dsmax2018 version of your scene?

This goes along with a lot of the grumblings that people have with the current state of SketchUp. Not really something that I should discuss here, but I am just trying to make sense of it all.