Library broken

SketchUp Version: 2016 Pro
Skatter Version: 1.0.3
OS: Windows 10
Description of the issue: Can’t load library objects anymore. Neither do new ones show up.

I just created a new library preset for skattering flowers. But the new item didn’t show up in the Skatter Library window.
An older custom library however is still visible. (all of them are present in Skatter’s AppData-folder)

Then I found that I can’t use any library items anymore. Clicking on the “Load” button doesn’t do anything (not even in the Ruby Console).

So in short: After creating new library Item, the whole library system is broken.

This is rather unfortunate, because I am in the middle of a project; deadline is tomorrow :frowning:
Anyone else had this problem?

If you delete the broken *.sklib file, does it work?
If so, please send me this file.

Ok, did some testing and found the issue.

When the file-name carries an Umlaut (ä / ö / ü), it breaks the system.

An Umlaut in the Library Item Name works, its just the file name that can’t deal with it.

So I guess this has been downgraded to a low priority but :wink:

Ok thanks for the detailed report.