License key

I bought the program in Gumroad and I installed it, but I don’t see where is the key or how can I get mine.

You should have received an email just after you bought it.

I have an email from gumroad but there is no key on it. The content of the email is the following, but I can’t see any key. From who I was supposed to get the email with the key?

Skatter for SketchUp (RC1)

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Company Name: …

Shipping address

If you have any questions about your order, please email [email protected].

Thanks you for your purchase!

Go ahead and register for the special beta forum at - and be sure to share your work with Skatter on our gallery.

Also be sure to follow the ArchVIZ Blog Shop at - as more products are going to be added real soon :wink:

If you have any suggestions for products by others or yours, let us know.


Thea for SketchUp is on special sale until January 12 (25% OFF) on the ArchVIZ Shop -

The Skatter Team :wink:

You should have received a seperate email, not the Gumroad one.

Ok, I will check again. But I didn’t see any. What should I look for? I mean, from what address is sent that email?

[email protected]

If you can’t find it, send an email to the above address.

I solve it already, thanks.

Hi there,

I also purchased Skatter after seeing it on architizer, but I didn’t get an activation email - only one from gunroad?

Sent an email to support but guess you guys are in a separate time zone - I’m in the UK.


Hi Euan, I replied to your email :slight_smile:

Hi, i just bought skatter and I have the same problem. I didn’t get the serial activation in my email. Please check my case

You should have received your serial in a separate email. Please check your spam folder and remove the email from there, so that your Email Provider knows this is not spam. This is important so that other people don’t get the same issue.