Lindale's Roadmap?

Hello friends from Lindale!

As a regular user of your plugins, I would like to know what is your roadmap as a company? Are there any updates planned, or new plugins?

I think it’s not just me who is eager to know your plans.

I have been a fan of your products since the beginning with skatter 1, thank you for everything!

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We are currently working on Transmutr v2.
Here are some of the main new features:


  • Support for PBR materials
  • Ability to convert materials without geometry
  • Assign materials to objects
  • Create new materials


  • Export to the Enscape Asset Library in the native Enscape format (much lighter and faster than linked models in v1)
  • Proxies: new “Blobs” placeholder type (one or more convex hulls)
  • Proxies: automatically generate billboard images


  • Per-object simplification


  • New preview modes (Render/PBR, monochrome)
  • New formats: .gltf, .blend, .ifc
  • Batch conversion in the UI (Studio only)
  • Automatic updates
  • Localization

There are a lot of smaller changes and improvements.

It’s getting ready for a first Alpha, hopefully in the coming weeks. We don’t have an ETA for the release, yet.

When Transmutr v2 is out, we will focus on Skatter v3.

For that one, we want to change the paradigm a little bit: keep what makes Skatter great and powerful, but improve the artistic control on the distribution. We would like to make it more useful to landscape architects, for instance, not just visualizer (but also make it better for the latter!)

If you have ideas and thoughts for Skatter v3, now is the time to share them!


That looks terrific!
Good luck for the final stretch!


Thank you very much Thomas for the response.

I look forward to your wonderful plugins!

Remember that I can help you make the translation into Spanish, both Transmutr and Skatter

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