Local Folder and Assets best practice

Hi! Congrats on the 3dbazaar :slight_smile:

First thing I try is to load assets I already have,
like Globe Plants.

What would be the proper way (if there us any) to load these up so the proper Preview thumbnails gets picked up and shown?


This is probably because the .skp files do not contain any thumbnail. It happens when the .skp files were created outside of SketchUp (using Transmutr for instance).

There is no thumbnail to extract, therefor there is nothing for the 3D Bazaar extension to display.

I guess this would be a feature request to make this an asset manager and not just for the future purchased assets - but for the many assets we all already have.

Adding previews, if adding is even possible, one by one is not going to happen :wink:

How about pulling the JPG with the same name as the SKP file along side it in the folder?

Each Globe Plants assets has a JPG thumbnail next to it in the folder and if not - this is an easy thing to arrange… could you make 3dbazaar search for such a JPG if a thumbnail is not present inside the SKP file?

OFF TOPIC: Maybe Transmutr could be made to do the same and inject such an external thumbnail into an SKP?



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Hi @ronenbekerman

That’s on Transmutr’s roadmap :wink:

I was looking for the same thing, it would be AWESOME! To be able to add custom thumbnails…

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That would be awesome!

I will most likely purchase my assets via the Bazaar in the future to support you guys. But for the ones I already have, that would be invaluable.