Local library as linked models?

Hi! :slight_smile:

I wrote on the enscape forum a day or two ago, but thought I would share my thoughts here as well.

I think the Bazaar is a great idea, and its a fantastic supplement for the enscape library as well! its well designed, seems to have some great contributors on board already, and just widens the posibilities in an easy way! Great work!
One small feature that I would really like to see is the ability to place local assets as Enscape proxies (linked models) instead of full geometry (this goes for other renderes as well). If this is not an option it is really not a viable way to access our own libraries in most cases. a shame, as it could be my go-to tool for organising all my stuff!! Having heavy assets as proxies is really the only way to work efficiently, so for now the bazaar remains just a nice list of my models, but i will have to pull them into my scene the old fashioned way.
And, if we are adding to the wish list, being able to place these proxies with simplified geometry (instead of wire boxes) would be really cool!! maybe a little transmutr magic code could do the trick?
If it could automatically create a placeholder with the “simplified geometry” slider from transmutr set to 99 percent it would be a gamechanger… for now i’m using enscapes custom assets functionality, but it is cumbersome and slow. This would be 10x more efficient!

Again, thanks for releasing this! I cant wait to see what it can do in the future with Skatter v2. It all looks really promising :slight_smile:

Hi @Herbo

Interesting. I made a note so that we can discuss your suggestion internally.

Those are definitely ideas that we want to explore : using Transmutr-like features with 3D Bazaar to make it more than “just a model manager”.

We still haven’t decided which form this would take (Copy some bits from Transmutr to 3D Bazaar? Merge Transmutr and 3D Bazaar? Connect them to import 3D Bazaar models into Transmutr?) but we agree that’s the way to go.

For the moment, we will mostly focus on implementing a few remaining “file manager”-specific features as well as hunting bugs. But after we’re out of beta and we have gathered more feedback, we’ll be able to decide on the next steps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!