local loading time is terrible

i bought some assets from 3d bazzar , then i save it to my harddrive but now when i want to load that assets it take very long time , why is that ? hard drive is classic sata 2 TB WD …

Hi @jan1, which asset is taking a long time to load? Is it a proxy or a high-definition model?


it is whole pack , it is called Grasswald asset library
and when i switch to local i have problem even scroll down or up

but now i found the rollout “purchased” and it is all fine with loading time of images /lets say icons/
not models itself .

st 13. 10. 2021 o 17:30 merwan via Lindalë forums <[email protected]> napísal(a):

Ok, I misunderstood.
We plan to improve performance for 3D Bazaar so that it loads more quickly in the future.

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