Looking to buy skatter but I'm a bit hesitant

I was all set to pull the plug and buy skatter and saw that buying it get you all the V1 releases.

With talk about V2 coming soon, I’m hesitant to buy it and then have to pay for an upgrade.

Are we looking at the next 3 months or next year for V2? Do you have anything in place for people buying it shortly before the next version in terms of upgrade?

I’ve been burned by maxwell and fryrender so I’m a bit reluctant to hop onto the bus. Albeit, this isn’t the same sort of money.

Just to be sure, this works with vray next yes?

There will be a fair period during which people buying v1 will get v2 for free. The date has not been set yet, because we don’t know exactly when the release will happen.
We initially planned on Q2 2020, but with 22 days left, it will most likely not happen so soon. It will happen within the next few months, we are not sure exactly when as there is still a lot to do. Beta testing has started, but as bugs arise, so does the development time!

It’s possible that the grace-period has already started, we don’t know yet. The date will be set retroactively.

You should buy v1 now if you need it now. If you can wait and prefer to make sure you get the v2 upgrade for free, then you should wait! :wink: