Lost geometry in Sketchup


To test the latest Transmutr version, I try to convert a huge classical scene (“san miguel” found on the site https://casual-effects.com/data/). After some time, Transmutr manage to open the 600Mo Obj file, and, beside some strange texture mapping, the geometry seems fine. Sadly, the sketchup model is missing a important number of geometrical elements. Any idea why ?

Are you using v0.3.3 released today? [Release] Beta 0.3.3 (hotfix)
It’s a hotfix for a similar issue introduced yesterday by v0.3.2

Hi Tomasz, yes, I downloaded it and tested it with the 0.3.3

Actually, it seems to be some kind of “componant” issue. There is one element of each type, but not the other one (see the small beam under the roof). But it’s not the case for all the elements, so it’s not the only explanation…

Hi @mrwipn Thanks for the report.

As a side note, we’re currently working on improving the loading times for large models and we actually use the San Miguel scene as a benchmark so you should see some improvements in future versions!

Never thought of opening something as complex as this. Great to know you’re on top of it!

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The issue seems to be fixed in the next version.


music for my ears… :star_struck::star_struck:

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