lost textures

I have previously tried with the viz-park models of plants. now I have dealt with other tree models but when exporting it to sketchup the textures are lost and it appears as when importing the model to transmutr with colors

I opened the file with the complete geometry already exported and it appears with the textures

Can you please send us the file to [email protected] ?

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I already sent it

Thanks! We’ll look into it

Thomas, why many FBX and OBJ textures are not loaded? I put the files in the same folder as the texture and still do not load.

I already found out what the problem is and I have also devised a possible solution Apparently enscape does not support textures in png format It would be nice if transmutr could convert textures from png to jpg and the other part of the problem is that transmutr takes the root of where the fbx or obj file comes from to get the textures. then when exporting to a new folder and creating the files .skp, .vrmesh and textures the file already exported does not take the textures of the new folder from where the transmutr model is still taken from the base folder where it is still find the .fbx file

I tested the file you sent:

  • I opened it with Transmutr
  • The Trunk and Branch materials were populated with a diffuse texture naled “MT_PM_V5_trunk_07_diffuse.jpg”, but Transmutr couldn’t find because you only sent me one named “MT_PM_V5_trunk_03_diffuse.jpg”
  • The Leaf materials only had a translucency map. This is because the materials in the FBX are VRay2SidedMtl. Transmutr can only extract data from V-Ray basic material (VRayMtl in 3dsmax). A VRay2SidedMtl doesn’t have diffuse, bump, etc in itself, but references a child material which cannot be accessed by Transmutr. This is why we advise to use Standard materials in 3dsmax before exporting to FBX.
  • I drag&dropped the appropriate maps you sent, in the materials in Transmutr
  • Then I saved the skp file to a new folder. All the maps were copied over. The file rendered fine in V-Ray, Thea and Enscape.

Did you do things differently?

I tested, and Enscape works fine with PNG. Are you using the latest version?

If you go to the Options and enable “Copy material maps to the destination folder” and “Use absolute paths”, Transmutr will copy all the maps to the new folder and use it in the paths of the maps.