Making lawn using Skatter - YouTube video

I can’t seem to find it but a month or so ago I watched a really good YouTube video showing a guy making a grass lawn using Skatter. He uses hexagonal or octagonal shaped faces to create a very uniform lawn. I checked out some of the other Skatter grass videos but this one was really well presented & had some good tips in it.

But…for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube. Found heaps of others but not this one. Very frustrating. Should of bookmarked it…doh!

Not sure how much use posting about it is, but if it “rings a bell” with someone, I reckon it’s a good video for Skatter tutorial/promo. Kinda sold me on Skatter. Anyway, back to learning how to Skatter;-)


Typical, been looking for ages, as soon as I post about it, I find it! Murphy’s Law at work again.
The guy uses Skatter & Bloom Unit.
I found it helpful.