map files not loading

Just been playing with this to get files into sketchup to use VR. When i open the DAE file (from Cinema 4D) the maps are not loading. I have ‘copy material maps to the destination folder’ turned on, and ‘use absolute paths’, but i am having to manually relink the maps.

Any ideas?


Could you send the files (dae and maps) to [email protected] ?

I sent the files last night, did you receive them?

Yes we did, thanks!

The maps are loading fine on my computer.

Please try again, then send me your “transmutr.log” file. Trying again just before ensures that the latest data in the log file is indeed about this file.
You will find the log file by going to Transmutr’s options, and clicking on “Open Log Folder”

It loads maps in, it just doesn’t bring in the correct material colours. For some reason it is changing the material assignment.