Mask Object Bug - Mac OSX

SketchUp version : SketchUp Pro Version 21.1.298

Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 2.0.0

OS : Mac OSX 11.6 - Big Sur

Description of the issue :

When I try to choose an object mask (group) Sketchup gets hung up and I have to force quit.

Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) :

If I try to select a mask object. It doesn’t matter if I choose the host and Scattered Objects first or if I choose the Mask first. It hangs up every time.

Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) :

None. I have to force quit before I get any message.

Update - I managed to install the 2.0.1 update and am still getting the same issue. The paint mask feature seems to be working, just not the “entity” mask.

Hi @SPD,

Could you send us your log file (/Users/your name/Library/Application Support/SkatterForSketchUp/SkatterForSketchUp.log) to [email protected]

It might contain some info that will help us understand what happens.