Mask painting getting slow

Admittedly I have a pretty large file with several Skatters setup, but I do have a lot of my tags all turned off. I am painting a fairly small masking area as an inclusive area and the paint tool is just running like a sloth at the moment. I have even tried to turn down the number of preview items to like 50 but it is still just dragging and making it very hard to work with.

Could you send the file to [email protected]?

Unfortunately I cannot share this particular file because I have a signed NDA with the project.

Let me try to recreate the issue in a new file and I will send along to you.

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So the car never makes the same noise when you take it into the mechanic!!!

I just saved out a file for you and tested it on the cloud and the Render-Only comps rendered fine. I am not sure what the issue was. Is it possible then didn’t load correctly when I opened the file? This file has been a beast and has been slow to open.

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