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Nice one! where are the assets from? Grass / Trees / etc…

Everything is made in Sketchup from scratch. All the grassbundles and the meadow flowers. Except the trees. :slight_smile:

Twice Nice!!

Can you show individual elements up close to fully appreciate your work on this?

Trees are from?



Yes of course…

I will post some individual closeups tommorow.


Looking forward to see the individual grass and flower patches! Finding good looking vegetation is really hard…

V-ray or Thea?

…and it must be even harder to make them!


Hi Mads,

Can you please repost the individual items image. We had some kind of forum glitch here :frowning:



No problem…

This is a truely stunning, wild meadow. One of the best rendered vegetation I have seen so far!

if something like this were included in the presets of the final Skatter release, many people would rejoice :wink:

Great grass assets!

also, could you tell us where you found those trees? From that distance they look splendid!

The trees are from Evermotion.

Thanks for sharing this at Ronen’s place mbo!