Megascan Export Error


Perhaps this is not a Transmutr Bug.
I cannot export assets 3d from Megascan Bridge 2020.

I have two error messages.

Could Not Export Assets. Please Check Log For Details


Could Not Send Data Over Port 24981

Here are three last log lines:

message":“IM Path is: D:\Documents\Megascans Library\support\utils\image-magick”,“timestamp”:“2020-04-21T19:23:16.763Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“connect ECONNREFUSED”,“timestamp”:“2020-04-21T19:23:17.302Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“Could not export assets. Please check log for details”,“timestamp”:“2020-04-21T19:23:17.309Z”}

Should it be any firewall issue?I have been using a company equipment with a strong security global protection.

Many thanks in advance.

Could be, indeed. Do you have an IT department that can assist you in allowing this port in the firewall?

Thank you for your promot response.

Certainly I will request the intervention suggested.