Megascans Test

I’m testing the megascans integration, the first few attempts worked great!
There’s one asset that doesn’t seem to import with texture though, not sure if this is an issue with just only this asset or there are others that doesn’t work.

Please tell me:

  • The Download Settings
  • The Export settings


Here it is Thomas:

So, once in Transmutr, all maps are missing?
Why is it white? Is the Diffuse Color pure white?

Can you show me a screenshot of the Materials tab?

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Here is the screenshot for the Materials Tab

It looks like all of the materials are there. I even reload the texture maps too but nothing happened.

When you export, does the .skp file has a texture?

Hm, looks like it freezes up when I transmute it.

Maybe you can test it out if you have megascans, this asset is in the Free section

Yes I already tested it and it works fine for me.
Can you send us your log file to [email protected]? You can find it by going to the Options dialog and clicking on “Open log folder”

Just sent it!

Looks like the FBX version works

Thanks! We’ll look into it

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This will be fixed in the next version (0.2.1)

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Great! Thank you!