Megascans Variation

Hello, I’m facing an issue with the transmutr and megascans bridge. I have downloaded an asset from megascans I exported to transmutr view socket port, but from the moment quixel bridge send it to transmutr it opens but I cannot change between the variations that this asset has. Also I’ve tried to exported from transmutr but it never stops exporting.
Thank you in order.

You cannot change the variation in the Transmutr preview. The dropdown menu only lets you choose which variants will be exported.

I cannot choose between variations to export.

I have just purchased Transmutr and have this exact problem. Any help appreciated.

I have now also run into an issue when I download ‘Beach Decking’ it says export complete but never appears in the Transmutr window. The only thing that has worked so far is some kerbing.
Thanks in advance!

Ok I’m able to reproduce the issue.
It seems to be related to a change in the latest version of Quixel Bridge.

We’ll fix it soon.

I fixed the issue, it will be in the next version, hopefully in a few days.

@dimitrisiosifidis @AMGRY

Here is a fixed version:

Can you guys confirm it works correctly?

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Yes Thomas it worked perfect for me. I just tested and it’s awesome. Thank you for the fast replies and the quick update fix.

Hi there,

is there still no possibility to change between the Variations in the Preview-Window? (Bought a license) (unhappy)



Hi Frank,

No sorry, it’s not yet possible to change the variation displayed in the 3D preview.
(But you can choose which variants are exported)

Please fix it. :slight_smile: Thank you so much! <3 (I love this software, but it could be better …)

I agree, it could be better!
We have many improvements planned, but right now we are focusing on Skatter v2 to release it as soon as possible.