Method for creating roofs with tiles

what is the best method to create roofs with tiles.
I’ve tried all the tutorials and methods, I can’t seem to get the tiles to line up correctly.
I use Skatter V2.
Thank you for your help.

Edit : it is a problem of axes. Skatter seems not to want to use the axes of the face but always the axes of the world.

Am I right? If so, that’s a shame. I have dozens of roofs to do. I can’t waste my time reorienting all my roofs before applying a distribution.

Please, tell me I’m wrong and that there is an automatic solution to distribute tiles on roofs of different orientations.

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I can’t create an example right now. But you could try making one group per roof slope, add all of them as Hosts, then use the “Object Space” projection mode.

More info here:

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Hi Thomas,

I think there is nothing to do. It doesn’t work for me.

Can you test it on your side, please.

Thank you.

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@DCHA34 I did some tests and it seems that Object Space projection doesn’t generate correct results with some orientations of the surface. This is most likely a bug. We’ll investigate this.

In the meantime, you should be able to create tiles on surfaces that are aligned with the world’s axes, like in the following example, and then move/rotate the whole group once the results are satisfying.


it seems that this problem is still not fixed with version 2.1.7.

Do you think you can fix this problem quickly?

Your solution to “rotate” the whole group is not possible for me, it’s too time consuming.

Thank you for your help.

Indeed we have not been able to fix this issue yet.
We’ll try to do it soon.

Hello, were you able to solve this problem? Is this planned soon? I have to renew my license soon and this problem is an obstacle for me.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @DCHA34
Unfortunately, we have not been able to find the time to focus on Skatter recently.

We’re currently finishing up a new extension and also adding features to our other plugin, Transmutr.
Once this is done (hopefully in september/october), then we’ll be able to consolidate all our plugins and especially Skatter.

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Beta testers here!! :rofl:

@DCHA34 We fixed a few bugs related to Object-space distributions in the latest Skatter update. This should make it easier to produce tiling patterns.