Missing faces problem

I would like to report a problem with missing faces in imported mesh.
The mesh looks fine in Transmutr preview, it gets broken only in SketchUp.
The mesh was created and triangulated in Blender prior to exporting to FBX.
Tried with OBJ format as well, same result.
There are these settings: “maximum mesh scale correction” and “mesh scale correction multiplier”
Could you please explain shortly how they work, how to use them (should I increase or decrease the values? - I can see no explanation in your docs) and whether they are meant to affect such situations like this one?
I tried tweaking these settings, but my mesh still ends up broken.
Maybe it’s the matter of the right combination of export/ import units, scale and these two settings.
Please let me know if you are able to fix it.

The files:

I’m able to reproduce the issue, but not able to find a fix or a workaround.
It seems that the issue is not the tiny-face problem that some models have (which “mesh scale correction multiplier” was made for). Rather, there are many degenerate faces, with only two sides (in SketchUp, a face must have at least three sides).
I’m not sure what caused this, if it happens during the export of the FBX/OBJ, or if it is a result of the modeling.
Transmutr is able to display the model correctly in the preview, but the SketchUp SDK fails to create some of the geometry. Unfortunately, we have no control over that part. I’m afraid I don’t have a solution to provide.

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Thank you for your reply, Thomas.
I tried other commercial importers (Fluid Importer and Skimp) and they failed too.
I’m a step away from ditching SketchUp completely…