Missing Groups/Objects Dialogs at Startup

Hi, I’ve been absent for a while, but just enabled this forum’s notifications, that I hadn’t done before.

I’ve just opened an old file. At startup a lot of dialogs showing missing Skatter entities poped up.

It would be useful if it was only one dialog, with all missing entities, and if we could retrieve that dialog later, at any time, to help us fix the issues as we go. Maybe some sort of checklist that would mark errors as fixed when we do fix them.

Typical fixes would be:

  • Deleting the Skatter group with problems;
  • Picking skatter surfaces or objects to replace the missing ones;
  • Deleting missing skatter surfaces or objects from each skatter group.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jql

I think that at this point in the lifecycle of Skatter 1, we’ll fix critical bugs but we won’t be adding new “quality of life” changes like this one, as we would rather spend our dev time on Skatter 2.

Speaking of Skatter 2, those warnings are much less invasive. Now, there are little warning icons to indicate a missing entity and clicking it lets you fix the issue (for instance, “missing host” → click to pick a new one). So that should make things smoother :slight_smile:

OK. I was thinking on 2, to be honest. Nice to know. Thanks!

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