model not showing in viewport


I am testing a trial version of transmutr and my viewport is empty. Exporting works fine. I tried a few different models.

Hi @koroviow and thanks for the bug report.

Could you send us one of the model as well as the “transmutr.log” file to [email protected]?

(You can find the log file by going to the options and clicking “Open log folder”)


of course, I have already send You the files

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Thanks, we’re investigating this.

Hi @koroviow, are you using Transmutr in a Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox, VMWare or similar softwares?

I have had this happen to me as well recently. Running Windows 10, no VM Ware or VirtualBox.

@koroviow @valerostudiogmail-co

We’re having a lot of trouble understanding this bug because it does not occur on our own computers :confused: So any bit of information can help!

  1. Does this happen with all the models that you import or only some of them?
  2. Do you know when it started happening? (for instance after the last update of Transmutr? After you installed a new software? You changed some hardware on your computer?)

We just released a new version, can you try it just to check if the issue still occurs?

Thanks a lot for the help, this bug is tricky.

@valerostudiogmail-co Do you still have this issue with the latest version of Transmutr? It seems to be solved for the other users.

I have come across it again. So far, so good!

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I am also having the same issue of model not rendering in viewport on my laptop. I run a fairly complicated setup so it’s probably an outlier case but I’ll go ahead and describe it anyways.
I run Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro and use it with an eGPU.
When just using the laptop with onboard PGU, everything works fine and I can see the model in the viewport but as soon as I enable the eGPU, the window is blank but still allows me to do a blind export. Not ideal but it works.
Another unrelated issue I have is with Quixel Bridge.
I’m able to export some 3d assets from Quixel just fine but there are afew that just hang and gives me the message 'Converting 1 of 5 textures." and never goes further. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this.

Hi @cchin

I run Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro and use it with an eGPU.

We’re having difficulties solving this bug because it seems to mostly happen for users with “unusual” GPU setups. The fact that you have an eGPU is a nice hint to have. We’ll continue looking but it’s quite tricky since we don’t possess this kind of GPU.

It’s still good to know that it works fine when you switch to the on-board chip. Thanks for the info.

Another unrelated issue I have is with Quixel Bridge.

Can you send us the name of the Quixel model to [email protected] so that we can investigate this other issue?


Thanks fro getting back to me so quickly. I’ve been using the free 3d assets from Quixel.

The model that exports is Broken Wall, the ones that are giving me problems are Rock and Huge Icelandic Lava Cliff.

Hope this is helpful in tracking down the problem.



Thanks for the info, I added this issue to our bug tracking system.
We’ll investigate this.

Hi @cchin

Both Rock and Huge Icelandic Lava Cliff work fine on my computer.
Can you try again using the latest versions of Bridge (2019.2.3) and Transmutr (1.1.1)?

The message “Converting 1 of 5 textures” appears in Bridge, right?