Move a point in Points Set

Would it be possible to have an option to move an object skater point in a Points Set instead if deleting it and adding a new one?

That would require a lot of work to create a tool to do that (gizmo, etc)

I’ll add it to my todo list, but I have to say that this is very low priority.

Thank you. I understand.
Skater is really great without this feature.


This woudl be great if this option can be added. Problem/issue now is when you have a good setup and just want to move it a certain way. You either need to delete or use the translate tool to move them. Thats my workaround for now.

I was wondering if your still thinking about this option. I see some grea improvements in 1.4, but still waiting for this one :slight_smile: This will be a big time saver

Yes it is still planned, but like many other items on my long todo list, I have not had time to do it yet :slight_smile:

Workaround… create a small rectangle component… group these and apply skatter at face centers.

I was going to create a topic to see if this was possible and I saw this one, so I’ll add my +1 to this feature request!
Hope with time it becomes more and more possible :wink:

Good day to all

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