Move "Miscellaneous" Panel to Top of Skatter Rollout Panel

This is just a suggestion to help prevent people from unintentional “lag outs” by having to wait for a billion and a half proxies to populate on their screens because they forgot to turn the “Max in Viewport” settings to a manageable number before scattering a new set of objects throughout their model…

It might facilitate a smoother workflow eg:
Set Max Items
Select Host
Select Objects to Scatter
Modify scatter parameters…

The “Max in Viewport” is just limiting the number of scattered objects displayed in the preview. The actual scattering and generating is not affected by this parameter.


Have you thought more about ways to minimize the skatter previews yet allow us to see the actual density, by reducing skatter previews to display only on a small part of the screen?

This “Max in Viewport” can be deceiving…

I will have a notice when you reach the limit.

But, I’m not sure how to do a small part of the screen.

Do you have something in mind?

Do you have something in mind?

Nothing more, just part of the screen…

I guess this is only a concern in surfaces maybe you can divide the surface and preview only on a strip of the host. Imagine half of it or any other fraction…

Maybe if it’s a triangulated surface you can concentrate on a given amount of triangles?