My hedge has lost its leaves!

Opening an old file to rework now I’m a Thea owner so can use the render proxies :slight_smile:

However, on a quick render test, my hedges have the branches, but no leaves? Any ideas why that would happen. They were created originally in the Skatter browser and worked before but as fully geometry renders…

Any insights appreciated!


This definitely looks like missing maps to me.
The branches are black because there is no diffuse map. The leaves are completely transparent because there is no opacity map.

Where did those bushes models come from?

From the Skatter Browser. One of the presets.

Can you try to load the bushes in a new file to see if they work?

They do…

Just done some checking… Are the paths to the objects hardcoded to the machine they were created on ?

The file was started on my Mac – and its my PC that I see the problem on… both have Skatter installed. Do I have to re-add the skatter_bush assets manually on the PC? I guess I thought as I was using Skatter’s built in assets that I’d be ok.

Many thanks!

Managed to fix the paths in the Thea Browser External dependencies…pointed them back to the Skatter library location. The paths from the Mac had come across so needed replacing.

All good now thank you!

Indeed moving from PC to PC or Mac to Mac will work fine, but not from Mac to PC or vice-versa.