My sketchup so many times freezing

i just testing skatter with Making of “Meadow” tutorial

but nearly always my PC freezing when vray readering

i use sketchup 2016 16.1.1449 64bit, v-ray 2.0026494
all setting(sketchup, vray) is default
what is problem?

Sadly, Vray 2 is very slow when parsing the scene. The render will start eventually, but it may take a lot of time.
There’s nothing I can do about it, unfortunately, this is related to Vray itself.

Vray 3 is supposed to be much faster, but nobody knows when it’ll be released.

Other render engines, like Thea, are also much faster.

Thank you for answer

actually, I waited more then two hours^^

Otherwise This problem occurs by my computer’s low performance ?
Because other rendering images are rendered more objects , but there is normally conducted
or , if the problem is just in case the settings.