Neat Border Grass

Hi Folks,

since the v2 I’m not able to have a decent neat border of grass…tried all the Boundaries setting with no luck. Still showing holes on the border. Maybe because the v2 grass model it is too big?! Anyone??

Hi @atornese I’m sure that we can find a way to produce what you have in mind :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of an undesired result and describe what you would expect instead?

with V1 of Skatter the edge were much more clear.

Have you tried the “border” variant of the grass assets? That model is a bit smaller so it will produce cleaner borders.

Here’s a render:

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here where it was :thinking:…thanks. Should it be more visible?!

It seems like it should :slight_smile:
Several users reported that this part of the UI is not ideal because you don’t see what you’re going to import, so it’s something that we plan to improve in future updates.