Need help with creation of Skatter presets

Hi everyone,

I´m currently in the process of converting our product REAL TREES (–> to Sketchup native format. I´ve finished the version with standard shaders and now I´m in the process of creating the vray proxy version with vray shaders.

I would like to include Skatter presets of the 6 forests that we included in the other formats (3ds Max, MODO and Cinema 4D), but I´m really new to Sketchup and Skatter, so I need help with these.

Is anyone here that would be interested in creating these presets ?


Hi Martin, please email me at [email protected] :slight_smile:

We would totally be interested in the integrated forest. Right now our process involves creating trees in Speedtree, and then converting, importing, turning into proxies, etc for our SU/vray use. But I love the idea of building out the skatter preset library

Okay. Thanks.

Hi Delineator,

thanks, please email me directly : [email protected] and we´ll continue from there…

I’d love to see this using Thea proxies and Thea shaders! That’s something I would jump all over.

How are you coming with the info about library creation, we had a small chat about this a while back

Rombout, I just published a new Manual entry :
Let me know if you need more information.

Martin, I’m really sorry for the delay, I’ll look into what you asked me by email in the next few days.