New SSD Licence Activation


I have an urgent issue.

I have replaced a SSD drive and once Transmutr opened there is a prompt window asking for activation.

Once infos inserted there is a message in red: All the licence seats are currently in use.
Not a case with the (now) old SSD.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @georgethibgmail-com

It seems like the licensing system wrongly thinks that you’re using another computer because its hardware changed.

Please send us your license key to [email protected] and we’ll be able to reset your license.

Thank you,
The licence key sent via given email

Greetings today,

Would you please verify the licence issue at your end? I have not received any sign from you after having sent the requested info about the licence key.

Thank you in advance

Hi George,

We can’t find your email. To what address did you send it?


The email above [email protected].

I have just resent it at the same address. Thank you.