no orbit and pan in OSX

i am on OSX 10.14.6 and was first using the release candidate and now 1.2.0

Orbit and pan in transmutr has never worked for me, just zooming while scrolling.

I use an iMac 2017, an apple mouse and sketchup 2018.

Any idea?

thanks in advance


Please see Merwan’s reply here: view rotation


i was using the forum search mask with mac osx pan orbit but this topic has not been shown.

Unfortenuately i do not exactly understand what it says.

For mac users there is no way to pan and orbit right now but in future releases?

Hi @breh,

Yes, it seems that Mac users with an Apple mouse are encountering issues due to the missing middle button.

  • Regarding orbiting, we’re planning to add an additional keyboard shortcut in a future release (see this thread).

  • Regarding panning, it’s not possible in Transmutr! It only supports orbit & zoom since the most common use case of Transmutr is to work on individual objects so we chose to keep the models at the center of the viewport.

Thanks a lot for your reply, i can wait since everything else is working perfect and this is not an essential feature (since i am used to work with the apple mouse i do not want to touch another one)

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Panning is working fine here with shift and the middle mouse button on a Mac.

I was also a fan of the Apple Magic Mouse until I found a better one. I highly recommend you try a 3 button mouse with scroll wheel. I now use a Logitech MX Master 2S. It is much better for SketchUp and other 3D software and just a better mouse in general.

Hi gordon, thanks for your advice, i have had a (youtube) look and will give it definitely a try.
As always and forever: rethink everything!

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I am working now for about 2 weeks with the MX Master 3.
Absolutely great, what a huge difference to apples magic mouse (in sketchup and in general)
As Gordon says: highly recommended!


Thank you for replying on this. Yes, I have had this issue from the beginning. It’s slightly annoying when you can’t orbit around your preview to see how much detail you are losing when reducing your poly-count. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro with Logitech MX Master 2S. Would be great to see this working properly.