No vrmesh file generated

The program produces no vrmesh file.
If I import the generated su file into a new sketchup file there is f.e. only the wireframe.
And there is no vrmesh on the machine.
Perhaps it is a problem with the ply2vrmesh.exe file.
The file is in the suggested folder.
But if I try to change the folder (after copy it in another folder) there are two warnings
“Cannot save options: the path is invalid.
Cannot create vrmesh file: the path to ply2vrmesh.exe is invalid.”

Any idea?

my system

win 10 pro
sketchup 2018
transmutr 1.1.1
V-Ray for SketchUp 4.00.01

Does this happen with every file you try with? Preferably from different sources.

I checked this out now with 3 different sources.
For the moment there is only a problem with Vizpark .fbx. Even vizpark .obj works fine.

Could you send us one of the problematic file via email at [email protected] ?

Can you check with the latest version? [Release] 1.1.2
We fixed an issue with proxy export.

Now it works very good.

Thank you so far.

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