Normals not operating/linking correctly with Enscape

I’m finding that any assets imported using Transmutr do not have a functioning bump/normals option. The simplest example is the Megascans asset import process. I follow all the steps, create a proxy and import that asset. I am making sure to select “normal” rather than “bump” when exporting from Transmutr and all the correct slots are allowed for in the material tab.

I noticed it was looking very flat, so tried to check the normals map. While Enscape was aware the normal map was in place, there was no option to change the intensity. If I re-linked the texture, the slider reappeared but (and this may be by design) no changes you make to a proxy material is reflected in Enscape. If I imported the full geometry, the problem is still there, but if I relink the normal map, I am able to see the changes in the Enscape viewport.

Proxy on left, full geometry on right

Enscape material editor - note lack of slider for Normals/Bump

Normal editor - seems to behaving like a standard RGB texture?

Normal map relinked, strength set to appropriate level and material dimensions reset (another issue but possibly Enscape related)

It’s not just a megascans issue either, happens with any other FBX exported with standard materials. So, this means I need to go into every single object I have created in Transmutr, relink the normal map, set the appropriate strength, and reset the texture dimension - not really possible.

TLDR; assets created in Transmutr don’t show the material normals, and imported proxies’ materials can’t be edited. Not sure what is a Transmutr issue and what is an Enscape issue. Hoping I’m missing a trick…!

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Also - SketchUp 2020, Enscape 2.8 and Transmutr 1.2.3

Edit: I’m seeing others with similar issues, but no one seems to have addressed the specific normals issue. Sounds like there is a workaround for the texture mapping.

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Hi @eliot-blenkarnehotma

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into this issue.

Hi all - curious as to whether anything came of this? Should I be chasing the Enscape developers instead?

I found the issue, it was due to some changes in how Enscape stores its data. It will be fixed in the next version of Transmutr.

Can you explain how you fixed the texture placement?

Great news, will be a huge timesaver. In terms of the UV/texture placement, it was the same as what others have been doing ’ under the albedo texture map section of a given material (Enscape material editor), have “Explicit texture transformation” ticked before changing anything.

Another option works if you have changed an Enscape material setting and the UV mapping is lost - just change the base texture dimensions in the SketchUp material editor back to the default 254 x 254 mm (or 10" x 10" for our imperial brethren) and lock it.

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Ok thanks, so this is still the same Enscape issue. I don’t think we can do something about it.

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Just a note - nice work fixing this, has made my life much easier!

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