objects at origin stay visible in render

**SketchUp version :2021
Skatter version 2.1.3
Description of the issue :

Hello im here to report an issue ,
i have the same problem in all files, when i generated a composition in “render only” mode the components at the origin stay visible at render in vray 5.2

component are in a locked group and hide
i’ve try to unlock and delete but nothing change

only making this composintion off or convert to geometry work to hide theses components

any idea to resolve that ?

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Hi @Raphael_Abraham

The hidden & locked group that contains your objects is created by Skatter to ensure that there’s always at least one component for each object. Otherwise, Render Only mode would sometimes break because SketchUp tends to purge definitions that have no components left in the model.

However, the group should not appear in the render since it’s hidden so V-Ray should not pick it up.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue on my side: the objects stay invisible. It could be a bug in Skatter. We’re currently reworking the V-Ray integration and I added a note so that we make sure this part works.

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I can confirm this happens to me too sometimes, I think I often use the unhide all shortcut when I’m working and usually center my façade on the origin so instances appear there, grouped and locked inside, I have been just moving it far away when that happens but did not put too much attention to it.

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That would explain why the components appear indeed :slight_smile:

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