Objects Move and Populate when Scaling

So I was playing around with one of the storefronts and it is set up as a square window but I placed it in an elongated rectangular storefront and then used the scale tool to stretch it. The results were just a very horizontally scaled texture. This made me wonder…

What if these objects are smarter? What if when you scaled them, they didn’t stretch? The screen would populate with more mannequins or would repeat at a certain size? I also wondered if the mannequins could be face me components but I don’t know if these are just smart dynamic components in SketchUp or are they using the same technology as https://wparallax.com/

Just some thoughts. I really love this. I can only imagine the power of this using in conjunction with FlexTools!

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This is something we want to explore in the future. But that will require a lot more work on the maps to make them modular.

For now, you can use the different widths: small, medium, and large.

We indeed use the same approach as wParallax (actually, they are part of the RoomBox library).

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