Objects sowing were lost!

SketchUp 2016 x64
Skatter 1.4
Windows 10 x64
For no apparent reason, the skatter stopped sowing, did not react at all

---- Skatter 1.4.0 ----
Processing surface 0hXu5XiR97z8uSONn44qUf
Area points : 0.0 s
Number of areaed points : 0

Generate bounding boxes & transformations : 0.000485 s
Scatter objects : 0.0005 s
Total number of points : 0
View redraw : 0.01401 s
Total : 0.027009 s
------ End ------

Libraries are present

This looks like a license issue. Can you email me your license serial? [email protected]

I removed the license on this path, reinstalled it and it worked, thank you! What could be the reason for the error? I’ve already had this happen more than once (