Old Station with new indoor climbing hall

Hello, this are images of the latest project from my architecture studies.
I used Skatter 1.xx for vegetation and the climbing holds - worked very good.
Skatter 2.xx crashed, thats why Skatter 1.xx


Cool project. Love the use of Skatter for the climbing holds :slight_smile:

If you encountered issues with Skatter 2, don’t hesitate to create a bug report in the Beta section of the forums so that we can investigate what happened.

Of course there are always many solutions and I think Skatter is one of the best, because it’s easy and fast.
Next time I run into problems I will creat a bug report.
I hope you will finish Skatter 2 with full Vray support soon. Keep up the good work:)


@emha12 your project looks awesome!
i love it


thank you:) My Prof. and the major of Waldheim (location of the station) liked it,too.

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