Opacity Mapping Issue


I don’t know it is a local or global issue but in the attached pics the opacity and bump maps are wrong in SU.
Opacity looks OK in Transmutr

Mask and bump is there but in very-very deep…something went wrong in mapping?


I think the issue is that there is no Diffuse texture. So when the model is converted to SketchUp, the UV mapping is lost (there is no way to set the UV mapping on a face without a texture in SketchUp).

I see two options:

  • Either we keep things like this, and it’s the user’s responsibility to make sure there is a diffuse map to preserve UVs in SketchUp
  • Or we add a dummy Diffuse texture for this purpose only, but this might be unexpected by some users.

What do you think?

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This will be fixed in the next version. Transmutr will now add a dummy colorized texture when the Diffuse slot is empty but other textures are in use (bump, reflection, etc). The texture is white, but colorized with the Diffuse color. So changing the color in SU is the same as having no texture, it shouldn’t affect workflows.

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Great idea, thank you!