Options save Roombox assets

Hey guys, we have been working with roombox lately, and it works great.

One request, would it be possible to add an option to select where the roombox assets are stored?
We are working in an office, with sketchup and roombox installed on multiple PC-s.

It would be great to select a network drive, so that we don’t have to redownload the assets every time. It also happened to me that I deleted temp folders on my C drive, and had to redownload all of the assets for one of the projects.

That way we can store all of our assets locally. They are quite small and download fast, but there is still a difference between download fast and import instantly.


You can already do that from the menu: Extensions > RoomBox > Set Download Location

Ah awesome, will check it out! Wasn’t looking there, only from within the plugin.


One more remark than. It would be great to have an option to download ALL assets that have been purchased. That way we don’t have to wait when we start working on a project, they are all there already.

That is a good suggestion! We will discuss it.