Overlaying Skatters

Being very new to Skatter I may well be asking for things that are already there but I don’t know how to use. I was assuming that I would be able to skatter and object across a terrain ie long grass, and then skatter another object across that same terrain at a different density ie Frittilaria, then skatter another object ie Dogs Tooth Violet across that same terrain at a different density etc etc thus creating a complex and realistic wildflower matrix. I tried doing this with the two presets in the library: daisy and long grass just as a trial and Skatter seems to allow only one skatter per group - surely I am missing some fundamental understanding here because some of the Skatter images seem to show matrix type skatters?

You can absolutely have multiple Skatter setups on the same terrain.

Create your first setup, ie grass, then generate it. Close the dialog and re-open it (or load a preset from the library), this will create a new setup that you can then generate. Etc.

Is this clear? I can record a video to show this if you need it.

Ok let me try that later tonight and will let you know how I get on.

Ok thanks Thomas that worked I guess it was because I was not closing the dialogue in between placing the different sakatterr objects