Paint mask visible with preview off

First of all, thank you for the wonderfull plugin- Skatter v2 has become my favorite one in Sketchup in the last year.
I currently work in a complex huge environment and try to get along with my ressources as smart as possible. As my landscap ground is one big single group, I usually work with the brush/ paint mask to determine the areas for skattered gras etc. Unfortunatelly, I can only see the paint masks, when preview is turned on. This creates a problem when I want to fine-tune a mask where all complex elements and ramdomized patterns are already adjusted: For each newly drawed dot, skatter takes time to adjust the skattering.
To say it in short: Can I please have an option to see the current mask while skatter does not create or show any objects on the ground? That would be a great step forward for the entire performace!

Thank you!

You can disable the live preview by clicking on the eye icon next to the composition name. Skatter will compute the composition only when you click on Generate.

Thank you, Thomas. When I disable the live preview, my paint mask will be unvisible as well. Is that a bug?

Oh right, my bad. Indeed, nothing is previewed, not even masks.

I’m afraid there is no straightforward way to do what you are after.
A workaround would be to temporarily set the density down to a very low value.

That is what I am currently doing :slight_smile:
But the complexer the algorithm (field of view & visibility, many different components in sub-groups, zones, bigger areas etc), the more time it takes skatter to proceed calculation even with a temporary reduced density. This is where I currently touch the limits of skatter just because I want to see and edit the paint mask.
So for further performance, it would be great to consider a way to work easily on the mask without all that calculations in the background :slight_smile:

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This makes sense, we will discuss it.

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