Painting Workaround ?

Hi All,

I’m trying to understand the way the paint brush works, and, maybe it’s obvious, but I seems to miss a point…

Is it possible to :

  • 1 : Select an object
  • 2 : Select an host
  • 3 : Paint freely on the host.

Actually, after the second point, Skatter always distribute automatically the object on the host, and all that is left is the Exclude brush, and there is no clue how to add something, as all the space is already full…

So, the question is, How to stop the auto generation, and be free to paint ?

In your tutorial about the green wall, you’re using the paint brush, but there is no clue how you managed to keep the surface free from previous scattering…

Additional question, could it be possible to use skatter on a texture based selection, and not an object selection ? It works this way in Thea, and it much easier, allowing the use of nested entity, which is not permit by the way Skatter works actually.

Thanks !


You need to untick the “Use surface boundaries as include area” checkbox in the Areas rollout. This is shown in the gif in the tutorial, but indeed is not very clear.
This is something we will make more obvious in the upcoming version 2.

More info :
This is also explained in the Quick Start tutorial :

Hi Thomas,

It works, thanks ! Indeed it’s a bit hidden in the interface :).

About the second point, do you think it will be possible in the future to select surface within nested composant, instead of the actual quite restrictive way ?

Thanks again for your really efficient support !

You can already do that. Open the group or component where the surface is nested, then pick the surface.