Parking lot

Hi Lindale team and all,

I am trying Skatter for a small parking lot (never thought about it before!)

I generated a composition skattered along a grouped line, with a grid distribution, a some jittering for more realism, but I’m only halfway to automate it completely.

I would like a random distribution within the grid, meaning some places remain empty. I tried using “holes” but it makes awkward results and groups the cars all together. It lacks “randomness”.

I also added an empty group in addition to holes, but the randomness still looks awkward.

For now, I don’t do holes at all and I remove the cars manually, but it breaks the composition so it’s fine but not perfect but for a bigger parking lot.

Any idea?
Thank you

Hi @Eqc1

To achieve your goal, a grid distribution along a line seems like an appropriate method indeed.

It’s true that the random hole placement might not match a real parking lot on which cars will tend to be located away from each other.

Because the hole algorithm is random by nature, it’s quite unpredictable and cannot be tweaked manually. However, you could try to change the random seed of the composition a few times (at the bottom of the editor) until you get a result that pleases you. It should be faster that deleting cars manually and it will not break the composition.


Thanks for your response.I didn’t know about this new seed function. Indeed it’s much better! :slight_smile:

Just one small thing, it would be more ergonomic to be able to make new seed and regenerate with one button instead of clicking new seed then generate, and so on if the composition doesn’t fit.

But anyway it works! Thanks!

You can turn on Automatic Generation next to the Generate button.


Awesome, that’s perfect then!
Thank you
Have a good weekend

One thing to add, is that the random seed button should be above in the UI, next to the Generate button, instead of having to crawl to the bottom, open the Option tab and click New Seed…
Or just put the Options Tab up above? :smiley: