Place objects in a straight line

I only have a couple of days left on my trial of the Skatter plugin for SketchUp. I am have a major problem placing a “hedge” object in a straight line along a sidewalk. Yes, I can put things in a string in but I have not figured out how to control their placement and control the orientation of the object.

As an example, I have a hedge bush object that is kind of long and when I try to get them to follow a line they do not follow the line consistently. Can someone please give me some advice on how to achieve that?

Here is an example of the problem I am having and do not kow how to solve.

Is the line in its own group/component to be used as the host? Or are there other lines in the group/component as well?
Can you send the file to [email protected]? Also we can extend your trial.

Thank you for your response. I am attaching a smaller file I went and created (original one was too big).

I would love it if you could give me another week or two so that I can try some more stuff. I have spent/wasted several days now trying to resolve this one issue. I see it as important to some of the models where I want to use Skatter.

Let me tell you how I created the straight line to use (I am using SketchUp 2020).

  • First I created a rectangle
  • Then I made the rectangle a group.
  • Next I drew a line inside the rectangle
  • Then I deleted the face inside the rectangle leaving only the straight line in the group
  • Then I added the hedge object from my components folder (yes I understand it is a group)
  • Then I used the Skatter dialog to select the “group” which is now just the straight line using the tool like it was a curve
  • Lastly I selected the hedge object and clicked the Generate button

Now I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a better/different way to create the straight line to be used for defining where I want to “scatter” the objects?
  2. Since the component I want to scatter is actually a group, is that permissible or dose the object have to be a single object? If that is true can you tell me somewhere to find a hedge object that I can use?

StraightLineTest.skp (3.82 MB)

Well, I think I have figured out what the original problem was. When you look at my previous post, I said I deleted the face inside the triangle. Well, I did but I should have also deleted the rectangle shape as well leaving only the straight line inside the group (I have not found a way to make a straight line a group by itself). Once I deleted the rectangle shape, I got things to start working.

Here are two images to show the “progress” I have/am making:

Here is a screen capture of what I have set up in my SketchUp model and Skatter

Here is a quick render with Twilight Render. At least I am moving forward.

Now a couple of questions about the results:

  1. Why do the bushes in the straight line appear to be so much smaller than the ones in the “C” and “S” shape?
  2. How do I get the bushes on the “C” shape to be connected? In the model where I want to use the hedge bushes, it is going to follow along a sidewalk that is going to go around a building and I want the bushes at the corners to “join”.

Once again, I appreciate any feedback I can get to help me move forward. :grinning:

Well, I think I am making some process in learning how to use the tool. Here is a set of images that I hope verify that…

Yes, I still have a long way to go but I am moving forward. Had to play with the placement of some of the hedge locations on the “C” shape but finally got it sorted out. Now I have to combine this learning with a model I have. I also need to practice/learn how to use the Mask feature to both include and exclude some areas as well as the SketchUp sandbox tool to control the terrain and environment the model will be located in.

Progress needs to be made one step at a time. :grinning:

Hi Dave,

Glad you’re making progress!
From what I understand, what might have created issues is the fact that the guide line is inside of your group. The line and the object to scatter must be in different groups.

Also, as Thomas mentionned, we can extend your trial.
To do so, we need your Device Name.
In a File explorer, right-click on “This PC”, then “Properties”. There you will find the Device Name.
Please send it to [email protected]

Yes, I found that my original problem was having multiple straight lines in a single group. When I put each line in its own group it came out fine. The only problem was the alignment of things. I had to move one of the lines around to get the bushes to align the way I wanted them. You can see that in the image I included.

I sometimes do still have some problems trying to specify the density (especially in my straight line example). Is there someplace else I can read/watch to understand how to be more precise?

I will send the later today.

Still a little more progress. I drew some lines that used the shift key to select them and then make them a group. Then I used that group to generate a hedge all around the scene (like I will want to do in one of my models). As I have highlighted in the image below, there are a few problems. In particular the corners at the bottom show that the hedges overlap. The other problems can probably be resolved my increasing the density.

Any suggestions on being able to control the corners a little better would be appreciated.

I sent an email yesterday but have not heard anything back. My trial expires in the next couple of days and I am still trying to learn how to use the plugin correctly. :grinning:

We extended your trial by 15 days :+1:

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. :grinning:

I just went and looked at the license info and it says my trial will expire in 6 hours. See the image below.

The licensing system may take some time to update. Please let us know if you cannot use Transmutr once the trial countdown is over.

By Transmutr do you mean Skatter?

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Trial has been updated to 6/30 :point_up_2:

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