Plans for integration with Fredo's animator

Well, it basically is said already in the title.

I heard Animator will have an API and probably it has already.

Thea is integrated with Animator, Skatter is integrated with Thea, but Skatter and Animator don’t play together.

What if we could use animator to animate our skatters, or if we use skatter to spread an animated tree?

What if our skattered grass would flow with the wind? Or grow in a timelapse? Or we could skatter some bouncing balls or animated turtles…

Have you tried it already?
I’ve not really played with Animator yet. Does the animation happen on the definition level, or the instance level?

Sorry for the late reply. You can make the animation on whatever context you want. You can use whatever object and relations between objects. I’ve played with it but it’s very complex and my architecture doesn’t move a lot. I’ve asked for s feature where components could carry their animations around between models though… a skattered tree library, flowing with the wind would be something worth buying don’t you think?

So if you apply animation withing one instance, it’s not replicated to all instances?