Please prioritize mac

I know that a lot of the source geometry and objects may be PC-generated (3DS, Megascans, etc) but that seems to be the beauty of this extension…that it converts whatever prior format into something SU can use. SU is mac and PC. As a member of the SU team…I our entire office is on MAC. My training content is on MAC. Please don’t back burner this. I’m happy to help anyway I can.


Hi Eric,

We prioritize things based on what makes sense to the majority of our users, and what makes sense from a financial point of view for us.
Transmutr is very rendering-oriented, so we looked into the data we have on the rendering community, which is Skatter usage data. We think the user base will be somewhat similar.
It turns out less than 15% of Skatter users are on Mac, so it is a small portion of our user base.

We will make a Mac version at some point, because we know we will have a lot of requests, and it makes no sense to turn down 15% of the market. But we think in the short term there are other things we should invest our time in, that yield a better return financially for us, and practically for the majority of our users.
Porting Transmutr to Mac is a very big time investment, for “only” 15% of people.

PS: I didn’t realize that you are on the SketchUp Team?

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I’m Mac user too and I think that Mac users are more than 15%, it’s a personal appreciation. There are a lot of SketchUp users work on Mac and using Skatter but I understand your position about the time inversion and financial issues.

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15% is for Skatter users only.

But some time back, Trimble gave us developers some numbers about SketchUp usage in general. The percentage of Mac users was even lower than 15% (I don’t think I’m allowed to disclose the exact number, though). It was a bit surprising to me, but I see no reason why their numbers would be wrong.

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My guess is that Mac is probably more used in western countries, and that would explain your personal appreciation. But due to the fact that their machines are quite expensive, they are not used that much in other parts of the world, which can represent a big share of the SketchUp userbase.

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It’s possible, thanks for the info!!

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I got one question though in this subject. Aren’t Mac and Windows plugins the same, they both use the same code for sure right? Is this app running some sort c++ to do the conver because otherwise it makes no sense about the difference between Mac and Windows. I believe or think native sure code is the same. But on the other hand I don’t think this plugin is running such code to do this.

Ps why is this under slatter, it makes it confusing. But you probably making use of the slatter data base. I think you should s3parate it though

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No they are not.

I believe you are talking about SketchUp extensions written in Ruby. In this case, indeed in most cases the same code can run on both platform. But even then, there are some things that need to be done differently, unfortunately.

In the case of Skatter, a big part of it is written in C++ (it is much faster to compute than Ruby). There are many things different between the Windows and the Mac versions. Even the development tools are very different.

In the case of Transmutr, it is not an extension for now, but a standalone application. There’s no Ruby at all. Doing the Mac version will require a lot of work.

If it was as simple as you describe, there would obviously be a Mac version already.

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Thanks Thomasz for the reply. I was thinking it was exactly what you described. C++ does run on mac right? So transmutr is possibly a different language thus?

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Yes C++ does run on Mac, but we have to do a completely separate setup to be able to compile it for Mac. And many things are different when interacting with the OS (browsing for files, saving files, temp directories, etc).

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Just in case an extra vote counts, I too am a mac user. :slight_smile:


I discovered transmutr a few months back and tried it on a windows machine. But since I work on Mac I couldn’t be bothered to buy or get an account to post here, even though my request for a Mac version was instantaneous.
It’s not about how many people request Mac support in the forum, because the forum is pretty much only Windows users who got transmutr already… All the requests of Mac users are unheard since they won’t be in this forum.


The Mac version high on our priority list.

You are right. The 15% data I was talking about above does not come from this forum, but from usage data of Skatter (which is available on both Windows and Mac)