Pointing up feature messes the GRID distribution

Hello masters
Why does the pointing up feature (Scattered Objects tab) messes the GRID distribution?
please see image 1+2

how can i fix that?

i use SU 2019 \ Skatter 1.47

This happens because Skatter has to rotate the objects to have them follow the slope.
But I understand that it may not be the ideal transformation, I guess we can do it differently.

I’ll take a look at it.

Thank you Thomas
I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t like that in previous versions of Skatter…

The code for this part of Skatter v1 hasn’t changed in a while. At which version do you think this has changed?

i have checked 1.45 and it happens there as well…

maybe it’s 1.44?
i was working with it for a while

Hey there Thomas
any news with that?
is it possible to publish an hot-fix for that?

Sorry we are very busy with the release of Transmutr. I will look into this asap. I’m not sure how to fix it, it’s not a trivial change, so I need time to dive into it.