Poliigon Models - Scale Issue?

I am using Transmutr to import the models from Poliigon. I import the OBJ file, apply the diffuse material and then set the correct units so it appears the correct size in the preview window. (I can’t seem to correctly apply the other materials settings, but can easily do this in vRay once I am in sketchup).

When I then open the model in sketchup the model appears and is the correct size. I can then render the object no problem.

HOWEVER - there seems to be a scaling issue with the object. When I try to navigate or zoom in/out of the model sketchup zooms in/out an extreme amount. Its as if the data for the model size does not match up with how it appears in sketchup. If I right click the object and click ‘Reset Scale’ the object become absolutely enormous but I am then able to move/orientate the object with no issue.

I assume when the object is scaled and imported it appears at the ‘correct size’ however the relative orientate/zoom function in sketchup still sees the object as massive and therefore zooms in/out a relatively enormous amount.

Apologies for the lengthy description - I can’t really add any photos as it would just show the object and then it disappearing as I zoom over it.

I haven’t had this issue with OBJ files downloaded from other sources, and am able to get around this by being very careful in how I move the objects, or orientate around them, in the model - however would like to see a solution to this, if possible.

I had the same problem with the zoom, it came in the correct scale for sketchup but I could not get a zoom control. It’s not enough to be a problem.

Can you guys send me an example file at [email protected]ale.io ?


Model has been sent.

Luciano - some models its just annoying in others it completely disrupts the model and typically ends up in sketchup crashing or becoming unresponsive.

I’ve tried to export it as a proxy through vRay but it still has the scaling error even in the imported proxy model.

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Thanks a lot. We’re looking into it

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This bug will be fixed in version 0.3.1

It happened because the models have very small faces. To be able to generate these tiny faces, we have to make the model very large and scale it down to its actual size. It seems that in this case the correction was too extreme, and SketchUp couldn’t handle this.
We’ve tuned down the correction, so that the zoom issue doesn’t happen, while still being able to generate tiny faces.

I still have problems with Transmutr-ed assets and SketchUp zoom behaviour. Same problem that upon scroll wheel zoom out I end up in blank space unable to zoom back. Only zoom extends works most of the time, other time it crashes. This happened to rather large 80m architectural models but also >0,5m assets. Did you ever find a fix for this problem?

Hi @LEGOsketcher
Could you try to change the “scale correction” option, as described in SketchUp file Issues - #2 by Thomas ?