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Hello Thomas

I just bought Transmutr and am delighted with your software which not only allows you to get into sketchup objects too big for it but also saves hours of tedious texture assembly work.

By testing it quickly, I still noticed an annoying problem in the creation or rather the positioning of proxies:

After importing the fbx (for example), in 2 out of 3 cases, the conversion of the units, the modification of the vertical axis and the point of origin are enough to put the imported object perfectly back into the axis.

Unfortunately, in 1 case out of three (at least in the Maxtree olive collection I just bought) after these three operations, the object is not yet well centered (I attach an image of the problem as an attachment) which will cause problems positioning the proxies generated in many plugins (skatter among others, but also many others)

Is it possible to finely adjust the x, y or z in your plug-in and if not is it in project?

Moreover, and as one of your forum correspondents, it is impossible for me to navigate around the object with the mouse: zoom only possible which prevents you from seeing the object well and makes sampling of textures difficult. However, this problem is much less troublesome (I have a Logitech M705).

Thanking you in advance
François Cusson

This is not possible yet, but we will discuss your proposition.
Although I am surprised that Maxtree plants do not have the correct origin by default.
Changing the Units and Up Axis, but leaving the “Origin” field to “Default” is not enough?

This is strange. You are using the middle button (click&hold the scroll wheel), right?

Transmutr support

Bonjour Thomas

And thank you for your responsiveness!

I will elaborate on the problem that concerns me:

I resume my volume of olive FBX maxtree (volume 23)

Example 1: the fbx " zMT_PM_Olea_europaea_cut_01" weight 144MB The file is light, I quickly import it into transmutr and I notice that there are 8 trees in the file.

So impossible to make proxies directly, I resolve to transmute them in sketchup and there I correct the origins of the trees (5 times out of 8 in this case) and I turn them into 8 proxies with Thearender, it’s certainly longer but everything is fine.

Example 2: the fbx “zMT_PM_Olea_europaea_medium_01” weight 900MB

The file is big, I import it slowly (5 to 10 minutes) but pretty valiantly in transmutr.

I notice that there are always 8 trees in the file, and therefore always impossible to make proxies directly.

I then go through Blender to separate the big fbx into eight small and I import them into transmutr.

· In 1 case out of 3, after the three maneuvers allowed to transmute, the origin is in the right place and I then directly make a proxy, beautiful (the passage by sketchup multiplies by 10 the working times on the big files)

· in 2 out of 3 cases after the three manoeuvres allowed to transmute, the origin is still staggered (most often, the tree floats 10 or 20 cm from the ground).
If the file is not too big (usually less than 2 to 3 million facets), transmutr manages to turn it into a sketchup file and we can still correct the axes and turn it into a proxy by thearender.
But most of the time, transmutr bug (white screen) and farewell proxy, the tree in question will not be able to be inserted into sketchup.
Very, very unfortunate because the trees of Maxtree are usually really spendides!

That’s it, you know everything and the simple fine tuning of x, y and z would solve it seems to me perfectly the problem.

What do you think?


François Cusson

I understand better now, thanks for taking the time to explain.

Two things to explore:

  1. In Blender, can you export each tree using their local origin (also know as “pivot point”), instead of the global world origin?

  2. You could wrap the proxy into another component. That will allow you to move it relative to the wrapper’s axes.

Transmutr support

Hello Thomas

I was a little late to answer you, I apologize, especially since your two suggestions proved excellent:

wrapping the proxy allows to reposition it without problem

restore the origin of the object in Blender (selection of the object / ctrl-A / position, I took a little time to find this being novice with Blender …) helps to solve the problem at the source, which is even better!

I wish you a merry Christmas

François Cusson

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Thomas could you include a method of splitting files that contain multiple models in Transmutr?

I think there may have been a request to export selected in the past which would be ideal.

regardless would you suggest using Blender as the best available solution to divide up (sub) models as i experienced the same issue as reported here a number of times.

Yes this is on our roadmap.

I’m not a Blender user myself, but it is free and can import pretty much any file format Transmutr supports.
But if possible, I think the best is to divide the models in the original application.

I too have the problem with not being able to navigate around my model. Just zooming in and out. It can be frustrating. Mouse: Logitec MX Master 2S on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.