Possibility for collapsed tabs at startup

Hi friends,
Just a quick question, is there a possibility that when we open the Skatter Compositions Editor the tabs appear collapsed?

Let me tell you,
Sometimes the compositions that I have to create are very basic and quick and do not require many active options. So navigating with everything open takes me some time. (Or sometimes I’m a bit of a freak and I like everything more “summarized”)

I propose a button in the skatter preferences to decide to personal taste how it should be presented. Something like this:

or please tell me if there is already a way to achieve this,
Thank you very much, excellent plugin!


This makes sense! We will discuss it

Thanks for the suggestion


Hi @Alejandro

We discussed your idea internally and we decided to implement this in a future version:

  • By default, only the three first groups will be expanded (hosts, objects and distribution) in order to keep the UI simple and tidy.
  • Each composition will remember its own state so that groups remain expanded/collapsed between sessions.

Thank you for taking us into account and listen about our ideas.


@Alejandro we added this to the latest version :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent! Thank You